what is sophisticated strength

Sophistication is about elevating simplicity. True in style, and true in the gym. Let me help you take your fitness to the next level. I'm excited to help you polish up the most tried and true standards to elevate your mind and body. We'll break down why some methods have stood the test of time, and even investigate the good and bad of the new kids on the block. Because a girl's gotta know who can be trusted. 

who am i

Consider me your spiritual guide on your health and wellness journey. Head to the blog for all things fitness and lifestyle. From what shoes are right for what gym activity to how to unleash your inner power to live life to the fullest. To, ultimately, be better. 

How do I know all of the things? Well, let's be clear, I absolutely do not know everything. I've been in the industry for about ten years now, but I consider myself the perpetual student.

I learn from my mentors, from my experiences, and from my clients (check out my training log for me). Not just about what works and what doesn't. But also, what we struggle with internally. Whether gym-related or not.

So ask away! Sign up for my newsletter, ask me a burning nutrition question, or just scroll through the blog. I want to help you get wherever you are trying to go. Let's go!

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