Want to Sophisticate your Fitness?

The simplest way to hit a goal is to consult an expert, someone who's been there, done that, and already knows the answers. Your fitness goals are no different.


Do you want to make your ex jealous? I can help you with that.


Do you want a better butt. Well check my Instagram because I happen to be the authority on the subject.


Do you want to finally break free from the constant dieting mentality? I can teach you how to eat.


Do you have back pain? I've gotten NFL line-backers out of the red zone.


Do you have time sensitive goals? Bridal transformation is my specialty.


What Do I Know?

Well, I've made it my business to keep learning everything there is to know about fitness and nutrition. Instead of laying on the beach and living it up once a year, I choose(sort of begrudgingly) to travel to much less fun places like Minneapolis to study with the best in the business.  Why? Because I whole-heartedly love my clients and want to offer them the best guidance I can.

I've held certifications in everything from Hardstyle Russian Kettlebell(RKC 1,2, and Instructor Assistant) and Powerlifting(SFL and Instructor Assistant) to movement correction(FMS, FRC) and elite sprinting(USATCCCA Sprint, Hurdle, Relay Specialist). I've even spent time studying the nervous system(Z-Health) and yoga(Clubbell Yoga).

And I've worked with the best. I've spent time with experts like Eric D'Agati, Don Saladino, Charlie Weingroff, and Joe DeFranco. 

Who Am I?

I've been training clients for 10 years. But I've also trained myself for ten years. Because I make it a point to try everything my clients do, I've set personal records in powerlifting, 5ks, and sprint distances. I've prepared myself for the bodybuilding stage and modeled half-naked. I've won dead-lifting competitions and placed in figure competitions. I have golfed and pole-vaulted. I know how to cut across a football field and dance ballet.


And I also achieve my goals without sacrificing my sanity. I've maintained my physique while also maintaining a love of tequila, ice-cream, and cheeseburgers.

Who My Clients Are

My clients want to get hot. They want to be strong. They want to move and feel better. They want to learn the sophisticated way to take control of their fitness. They are pro athletes. They are brides. They are mothers. They are sexy individuals who know what they want.

1. Kim was pretty fit to begin with. So we added all that back definition and sucked off every ounce of stubborn fat. She could have won a bikini bodybuilding show on the day she got hitched.

2. Meghan crushed it. She lost over four inches around her waist from the day of dress purchase to the second fitting. She almost had to order a new dress because the change was so awesome. And peep that booty!


Why Distance Coaching

One-on-one training is expensive. If you train with me in person for three months, three times per week, you'd be out $5400. And you know, I'm worth it. I tell epic stories. I am a fantastic listener. I can pool from my ten years of experience to choose the right cue to fix your form in a split second. I tell great jokes and I can talk football like an ESPN analyst.

But I can get you the same results at a much lesser cost by working with you online. And you'll have my personal e-mail address to ask talk Housewives, the new Pusha-T album or ask questions with 24/7 access. I'll be right there with you, guiding you through this very spiritual process.

Because implementing a plan created specifically for you won't just make you sexier than ever. It will change your whole life. You'll come out on the other end with confidence, having learned how to really take control of your fitness. Getting to the gym and eating right are easy are easy tasks when you know what works for you. I want you to be the best version of yourself. The person who looks in the mirror and smiles before leaving the house on Friday night. 

How It Starts

You'll tell me about you. Where you are now and Where you want to go. You'll log me a couple days of food so I know how you eat. You'll show me what you look like and even make me a quick video so I know how you move. From there I'll send you your first 4-8 weeks of training. You will also receive your first piece of nutrition homework. I'll also send you supplement and reading lists, curated specifically to you and your goals.

Informally, you can email me any time with questions and concerns. You can send me videos for form analysis to make sure you're performing the exercises correctly. You ask me whether or not that 2am pizza slice fits the plan, although you'll probably know the answer by then. Tweak a muscle? We'll schedule a call. I'm also spectacular with dating advice despite my own failures!

Formally, we'll check in each month with a phone or FaceTime call. You'll tell me how things are going and I'll make the necessary tweaks to the program to keep your progress on point. You'll also receive any training or nutrition plan updates.

Ready To ADD Sophistication to your fitness?

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