Post-Hardcore Halloween Playlist

Normally, my go-to workout music sounds something more like hardcore rap. But in the spirit of Halloween, I'm bringing it back to my high school days with some post-hardcore. A little bit of screaming emo to get me fired up to run!

Most of the albums of the 2000s were concept pieces about being dead, hospitals, and vampires(DAMN I was a dark little soul) so they are perfect for a little pre-party sweat session. I made certain to choose all uptempo tracks if you're hitting some cardio today! There's even a couple dance-y things hidden in there. 

Here's the rundown...

1) F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. The Fall of Troy

2) Let It Go Lorene Drive

3) Inertiatic Esp The Mars Volta

4) Drunkenship Of Lanterns The Mars Voltra

5) Burn, Piano Island, Burn The Blood Brothers

6) Division St. Thursday

7) Medicating Boys Night Out

8) Werewolf Every Time I Die

9) The Hey Man! Emanuel

10) The Seduction He Is Legend

11) Give 'Em Hell, Kid My Chemical Romance

12) The One Armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine From First To Last

13) Monsters Matchbook Romance

14) Liar [It Takes One To Know One] Taking Back Sunday

15) Seventy Times 7 Brand New

16) Art Is Hard Cursive

17) Some Red-Handed Sleight of Hand Cursive

18) Dance In My Blood Men, Women & Children

19) Beating Heart Baby Head Automatica

20) Very Invisible Armor For Sleep

You can find this on my Spotify account at:

Happy Halloween lovelies! And fyi: today is a national implied cheat day. So go ahead and eat all the good stuff and leave the Laffy Taffy and pretzels for someone else. #njscene #sophisticatedstrength