I love to explain why this or that exercise is good for you

But in this case, I'm gonna let my clients do most of the Talking...

You know I simply MUST gush over my lovelies a teeny bit though...

Here's how distance coaching worked for my gals(and guys)

Bonnie Totally Crushed It

IMG_1184 (1).jpg

After going through the struggle that everyone faces when they go away to college and have to balance work, studies, and an active social life; Bonnie came to me to learn how to take control of her nutrition and fitness; and to get back into running without injury. Bonnie's mom was so impressed by her transformation, she called me after a few weeks to sign up too.

"The best part about working with Ashleigh is that she makes everything effortless. From teaching you how to eat properly, to explaining a workout, to figuring out why you aren't achieving your goals, she takes the time to get to know you and create a program that you're going to succeed in. Before Ashleigh I was a flat-bootied runner with little to no upper body strength and didn't believe that eating was as important as working out. Ashleigh has not only changed my workout routine, but has also helped me create a happier lifestyle through teaching me a more wholistic approach to fitness. I've not only hit my goals, but I've been able to sustain them effortlessly. She taught me how to listen to my body and work with it to achieve goals, instead of fighting it and feeling stressed out if I'm having a bad day. She's amazing to work with and I always leave workouts with a smile on my face. Ashleigh I don't know if you realize how much you've changed my life!"

- Bonnie M.

Meghan got a booty


In place of a written testimonial, Meghan actually just sent me this photo and the e-mail from Vera Wang notifying her that they would do the "best they could" to tailor her dress down to fit her new shape. I didn't want to throw any sassy sales people under the bus, so I'm just gonna tell you that she whittled her waist down five whole inches in our six months together - enough for a reasonable fear that the dress wasn't going to work in the size ordered. She was also proud to point out that absolutely no adjustments were necessary to the booty portion of her wedding dress.

Kady Found Confidence

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.34.26 AM.png

Kady completely took control of her health. I was so impressed. She learned how to eat and train to drop over 5lbs of body fat, gain some serious lean muscle, work on her first pull-up, and feel strong enough to get back to running. But the best part of working with Kady, was getting e-mails like this one:

"Things are going really well!! Pull ups are feeling good I think I just need to get past that mental block. I have been feeling amazing! My confidence has been way better than in years past I just feel good and people are starting to notice haha I've been getting told how lean I look which is awesome 💪🏻😊 We are going on vacation in a month and I am actually swimsuit shopping 👙😳😁. By the way, the booty is growing and those pull-up holds were at 25 seconds."

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