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Discover how smarter training can help you become a better, faster, stronger runner with a confident kick-ass physique

***PLUS limited time opportunity to join a private coaching group with fitness expert and running coach ASHLEIGH KAST to stay on track and live your healthiest life

***PLUS limited time opportunity to join a private coaching group with fitness expert and running coach ASHLEIGH KAST to stay on track and live your healthiest life


Ashleigh, here. I want to tell you a story. 

I used to struggle with my running workouts.

And maybe you're struggling too...

  • You're doing tons of cardio and workouts and still struggling with major body composition fluctuations.

  • You're working really hard and logging lots of mileage and still running the same race times year after year.

  • Your training constantly gets sidetracked with the same old nagging aches and pains.

  • You have to talk yourself into that long mileage day or gym workout more weeks than not.

  • You love the idea of running but... it doesn't seem to be loving you back.

You deserve a training plan that will get you motivated with a clear path to success and immediate results.

Because all these frustrations are not your fault.

The Instagram fit pros are giving BAD ADVICE. They don't have the proper education to plan running programs for regular people who are short on time and still want to look and FEEL better.

The running magazines are all about what SELLS more, rather than real science . They'd rather grab your attention with provocative headlines and big names, rather than coaches with elite experience and training background. 

The fitness magazines stress the importance of lifting for body composition goals and injury prevention in their written pieces, and then offer low-barrier-of-entry, FLUFFY, workouts that don't support their truth in the how-to section.

And the bootcamp trainers program workouts that are more stressful than beneficial, resulting in an initial positive result, followed by a plateau or reversal of progress and injury.

We can do better. And so we shall.

I've spent the last ten years of my career learning everything there is know to maximize physique benefits while improving race times.

  • I trained like a bodybuilder to learn the science of physique goals to support sustainable fat-loss.

  • I worked with a mentor who trained a certain 400m hot mama to multiple gold medal Olympic performances.

  • I learned how to make athletes bullet-proof and later trained several professional football players to stay injury-free.

  • I studied with the best track and field minds in the game, including the elite coaching staff of LSU.

And now I'm smashing personal running records I originally set in high school, I can't remember the last time I had a running injury, and my abs look like this pretty much every day...

And yeah, abs are cool. But, the most valuable benefit to me is...

I no longer worry if I'm going to be confident enough to rock whatever dress I want on that next date. 

I feel powerful when I run. I stand taller and my posture and form don't fatigue easily. 

I feel like I'm unquestionably capable of improving my race times. No more shooting in the dark.

And I'm way more confident and in control of my body.

But it wasn't always that way...

Ashleigh's Story


In fact, I struggled just like you. And it was not only frustrating but EMBARRASSING because I was a trainer and my "expertise"(that I now know I did not yet possess) was failing me.

The problem was that I didn't actually know what I was doing. I had very specific goals of completing a Half Ironman Race and shedding some fat, but I didn't have a specific path to achieve them.

I was training randomly - cranking out mileage and hoping some squats would strengthen my body to withstand that training. I was basically doing what the running magazines told me was right.

Picture me. I was 22 years old. I was training the most I ever have in my whole life, while wearing the biggest pants I've ever had to buy. I was miserable every time I had to put on an outfit that didn't include yoga pants.

And I finished the half marathon portion of the race next to a guy twice my age who was recovering from an injury.


But that outcome didn't discourage me. I got smart. I spent the next few years studying and experimenting. I trained like a bodybuilder to learn the secrets of physique training. I coached track and field and cross country. I took high level t&f certifications to learn how to train my cardiovascular system most efficiently. 

And then I trained myself for YEARS to figure how to best combine the two goals.

At 29, I'm down two sizes from those bigger pants and I donated them to charity long enough ago to forget exactly when. My weight has increased from 125lbs to 140lbs with muscle gain, but my pant size has consistently stayed the same.

And my clients have experienced the same results...

Bonnie worked with me on SETRun to get ready for her wedding dress and back to feeling like an athlete after transitioning to that 9-5. Bonnie dropped almost two sizes on the plan...

Bonnie M.

"And look how good my butt looks!"

"And look how good my butt looks!"

I've not only hit my goals, but I've been able to sustain them effortlessly. She taught me how to listen to my body and work with it to achieve goals, instead of fighting it and feeling stressed out if I'm having a bad day. She's amazing to work with and I always leave workouts with a smile on my face. Ashleigh I don't know if you realize how much you've changed my life!" 

- Bonne M.

Mallory C.

Mallory used the SETRun protocol to get in MMA fight-ready shape and help heal her body from injury and metabolic disease after years of overtraining.

People ask me how I stay fit even when I'm not fighting or exercising like I used to. I follow the workout staples she[Ashleigh] taught me. They work. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Love you Ashleigh Kast. You changed my life forever. 

- Mallory C.

You can be like Mallory and Bonnie, no longer worrying about how your body looks or if you're gonna make it through that next race without stopping.

Because this program will work for you even if...

  • you're short on time. There are only two gym days and you decide the schedule.

  • you're a beginner. This program will help you build base level strength to ensure you avoid getting hurt.

  • you're a seasoned runner. This program will rebuild your foundational strength to unleash your speed.

  • you're worried you won't stay motivated. These fun workouts will have you looking forward to training.

  • you don't have a fancy gym membership. The program requires minimal equipment that you can find at your neighborhood $20 a month spot.

And right now, I'm offering this program at a much lower cost than Mallory or Bonnie paid for 1-1 coaching. Because for me, its never been about anything more than spreading what I know to help others. I believe that access to smart and effective training is a right, not a privilege. 

I hate watching my friends struggle. I also hate watching them try to convince themselves that five seconds faster in a race is actually better, or that getting frustrated in front of the mirror is something they just have to deal with.

Typically one training session with me can cost up to $250. But, this entire 12-week block of workouts is yours for $47. 

That's it. For less than $5 a week, you can create a lasting fitness habit, get back to doing what you love with less aches and pains, be back in your favorite jeans, and/or ready to crush that next race in three months. 


I know you’ll experience the best results because SETRun is focused on the specific qualities that matter to you as a (prospective) runner…

Energy Systems Optimization

Not long slow milage or random intervals, all of the running workouts in SETRun were scientifically designed to optimize the way your body makes and uses energy—working with your body, not against it.

Core Stability

Not just abs, but artfully selected exercises and progressions to teach your body how to integrate breath and movement—improving your running form naturally.

Lower Body Capacity

Better than leg day, you’ll train qualities like absolute strength and power, plus the ability to transfer that force into the ground to run faster—strength that actually improves your speed.

Ashleigh’s Guarantee

…And that’s why I guarantee you will see results. I gotchu. And I’ll personally refund your money if you’re not happy with those results.

You can do this.

Have trouble staying on track in the past?

Motivation is all about the plan.

No really. Science says that in order to stay motivated, you need both a specific goal AND the right plan to achieve it. That's why I created STRONG ENOUGH TO RUN. 

Whether your goal is to get faster, feel better, lose weight, or simply stay consistent with a fitness plan, SETRun is for you!

And you'll have all the tools you need to be successful this time…

What You GET

3D image.png
  • 30-Page E-Book learn about your specific needs as a runner

  • Challenging Strength Workouts focused on building those athletic qualities

  • Progressive Running Workouts to make the most of your hard work

  • Video Exercise Library complete with expert cueing

  • Follow-Along Mobility Sequence like yoga for runners

Still think you need more support?

Accountability is key.

Grab SETRun NOW and you'll also get the limited-time opportunity to join my Exclusive Coaching Group where we'll chat about the program and all things performance, mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle as we stay consistent through the holiday season together.

While everyone else is trying to get it together in January, you’ll already be running right into the new year with confidence.

And you might even need to buy new pants like Ashleigh and her clients, right when they’re all on sale.

Don’t Wait

Both the discounted price and the coaching group offers expire Sunday October 28th. And then they are GONE. The next coaching offering won’t be until the new year and it will cost a premium.

Come on. Don’t struggle any longer. You deserve this. Let's get running.