The Truth About Moderation

Moderation works for me. 


I am a ten year fit pro. I've counted macros. I've leaned out for figure competitions. I've cut weight to be lighter on the track. I've adjusted my eating habits to ensure strength gains on the platform. 


I have practiced being lean countless times.


Right now, what I say is, I’m "being good" on the weekdays and making a mess on the weekends.


There’s an average of three pints of ice cream disappearing from my freezer each week. Every Friday night is a cheeseburger with two patties and a large side of fries. Every Saturday, I toss back a few tequilas or a few ciders. But the rest is on point.


Without training for 4 out of 12 weeks, I lost ten pounds in three months. There was never a day I didn’t wake up to the same old six-pack. 


I feel great and it’s EASY.


But you need to know, that on a certain level, when I tell you I'm not trying, I'm really just LYING.


Throughout the day I'm mindlessly making better choices, monitoring what my body feels like, and analyzing what it needs. I'm pooling from my knowledge and experience every time I make a decision about food.


Is it effortless at this point? Yeah, it is. I’m not really lying. If you know me, you know I’m really incapable of that kind of crime. 


The truth is, I barely realize I'm doing it.


But, it was work to come out the other side with this level of intuition about my body’s nutritional needs. I had to learn how to eat.  And I’ve been sharpening this skill for the better part of a decade.


I want you to remember this realization when another fit pro tells you they are “taking it easy,” or “just practicing moderation.” All the while posting shredded out selfies and you're over here like "Why doesn't it JUST work like that for me?!?" 


DO NOT get frustrated and DO NOT compare yourself. 


DO NOT even get angry at these folks. I believe that most of the time, people have the best of intentions and really want to help. The insta fit pros included.


Moderation is not for everyone. No need to fuss over that fact.


You are probably doing the absolute best you can with what you know. And should you want to know more -- to get to whatever the next level is for you -- to get to the point where it's easy for YOU... Find a coach who's going to tell you the #truth #sophisticated strength


Are you ready to know more? 

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