The simplest way to hit a goal is to consult an expert, someone who's been there, done that, learned that and already knows the answers. Your fitness goals are no different.

  • Do you want a better butt? Well check my Instagram because I happen to be the authority on the subject.

  • Do you want to break free from the dieting mentality? I can teach you how to eat so diets aren't necessary and no foods are off limits

  • Are you working really hard and feeling stuck? I help people with metabolic adaptation and metabolic dysfunction find flexibility

  • Do you have chronic back pain? I've gotten NFL line-backers out of the red zone.

  • Do you have time sensitive goals physique goals? Bridal transformation is my specialty.

  • Do you want to run without injury? I've made this science the study of my life.

  • Do you want to make your ex jealous? Oh girl, I gotchu on that one too.

It all depends on what you want to do and how much help you need...

I offer three options for Distance coaching:

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 We Can do this together

COMPREHENSIVE DISTANCE COACHING is the most inclusive and, as the name states—comprehensive of the options. You and I will work together for three months to build habits that will change your life and help you find confidence. The goal of this program is to give you the problem-solving skills and appropriate tools to eventually NOT NEED a trainer. Yup, I want you to go and strut your stuff without me by the time we're done. You might want to do Complimentary Distance Coaching if: 

  • You have very specific goals. Got a special event coming up? Want to hit your first powerlifting or bodybuilding competition? We'll build a program on the Ladder app that fits your goals, ability, and time constraints.

  • You are new to training. You'll have unlimited access to send me questions and form checks. I'll even give you my private cell phone number.

  • You are facing metabolic issues like fatigue, digestive issues, sleep interruption, or even bigger stuff like autoimmune disease.

  • You are dealing with significant injuries. Every program starts with a movement screen and interview to assess your needs. We'll build a program just for you that plays to your strengths and address the issues.

  • You just feel like you don't know what you're doing and nothing seems to work. Don't worry. Chances are, you were never taught. We'll build good habits one step at a time.

Think Comprehensive Coaching is for you? Sign up here or set up a call with me by filling out this form. No commitment necessary. We’ll chat about what’s going on and see if it’s a good fit.

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You Can Go Forth On Your Own

You might want to work out on your own if you've got a little experience, a lot of drive, and you want to generally just get more mobile, fit, and strong. My grab-and-go marquee program STRONG ENOUGH TO RUN isn't just a routine for runners. SETR is a great foundational strength program to build core stability, symmetrical strength, and pre-requisite power. SETR also includes a cardio program that can be used with any medium(doesn't have to be running!) to improve heart health and metabolic efficiency. Clients across the globe have used SETR to get comfier on the weight side of the gym, move better, lose weight, and of course run faster


We Can Do This As a Group

Fitness is also about community. And that's what we'll built in our Sophisticated Fitness group. You might want to join the fun if accountability and connection are what you're craving; and you're also good at handling the work on your own. Plus, my groups are less expensive than that bargain box gym membership you never use. Yup, I see you. Let's put it to good use.

Stay tuned to my Instagram and newsletter to find out about new group trainings.

You can also send requests for group trainings for parties of 3 or more friends. Corporate challenge coming up? Bridal bootcamp for you and the girls? We can create program that works for all of you.

Still not sure what the right move is for you? No worries! E-mail me at ashleigh@sophisticatedstrength.com