Three Valid Reasons You Don't Like Running

But, you still kinda wanna get into it...

Oh girl, you are not alone. I've had tons of friends and clients over the years who've felt the same way.

They kinda hate running. But, they still feel like it's something they'd like to get into, or at least should be able to do. 

First off, let's be clear. You don't have to run. There are plenty of other ways you can get cardiovascular benefits and keep your heart healthy. 

And I definitely don't ever advise clients to take on half marathon or marathon distance goals. The cost of training required is just too high if you don't really want it.

That being said, I do think that everyone SHOULD be able to sprint(because survival) and I also happen to believe a 5K is a reasonable test for any fit person(because endurance).

BUT, even the most avid of gym-goers seem to despise the task of running.

And while it's easy to make righteous assumptions like well, you just dont have enough will power, the truth is you might hate running for reasons beyond lack of motivation. There are many justifiable reasons you might avoid it. And we're going to address a few here.

Like this one...

1. It's boring

Running endless miles at slow speeds for days on end is tedious and boring. But more importantly, this method prescribed by most running magazines 5K and 10K programs, is really not as effective as it could be at building you speed and endurance necessary for both distances. Your workouts should include varying bouts of intensity that result in better, more efficient cardiovascular improvements and more interesting and fun challenges.

2. It feels like you're dying
It is completely valid that you don't like feeling like your heart is going to explode out of your chest or that your legs feel like a hundred pounds of dead weight being dragged along with you. And both are signs that you're training in suboptimal conditions. Your workouts should have very specific intensity prescriptions and appropriate parameters to ensure that your training is making your body stronger and better, not weaker and overly stressed.

3. It makes your joints hurt
If you experience excessive aches or pain in your joints during or after running, you may have another indicator that your workouts are too stressful for your current level of ability, or just poorly programmed from the get-go. Proper progression is key. And it's not just your heart and lungs that need to be built up, bit also the capacity of your legs. Your training should factor in muscular endurance so that your workouts are pain free.

So maybe you do ACTUALLY hate running. But, if you still find the idea of running for fitness COMPELLING, but one of the above reasons has been holding you back... well then I've got the solution.

And this 12-week comprehensive strength training and running program is only on sale for $39 until Sunday. 

Come on. Let's give this thing one last shot.